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Posted: July 13, 2018 by Anita

living with cats
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living with cats

I’m now living with cats in my apartment.  (Read about my moving with cats by clicking here).   My roommates Shrek, Clara and I share a lovely but small 1 bedroom apartment.

I have adorable cats.  So imagine my surprise when 2 months in they’re driving me crazy.  They are everywhere!  Well, traces of them are everywhere.  Cat hairs, cat toys, cat food, cat litter…you get the point.  My apartment has really become their apartment.  And they are allowing me to stay there…and pay the rent.

Life with cats is an exercise in blissful futility.

What you need to know about cats

Living with cats takes some adjustment; mostly in your attitude.  Don’t for one second think your cat is going to adjust their attitude.  Not going to happen, my friend.

Here are some tips to living with a cat:

Cats are not dogs – yes, you will learn this bit of fact about your cat very quickly.  Cats do their own thing on their own time. It’s not that your cat doesn’t know his name when you call; he’s choosing to ignore you.

He will circle back around to you once he finishes browsing out the window or napping or using the litter box or grooming himself…

living with cats

Cats are great companions – Cats are intuitive.  They are sensitive to our moods and know when we need a nuzzle from them after a shitty day at work.  Cats have this amazing way of bringing down the level of stress in the atmosphere to a chill-out level.  The best therapists in the world are cats.  They are cheap and they don’t charge by the hour.

You will submit to their will – The quicker you get this one through your head the easier life with your cat will be.  When your cat wants attention she will not let you rest until you’re no longer need to do her bidding. Once they claim their spot on your bed (or in your heart) they ain’t budging.

living with cats

Cats love on their own terms – Cats can be stingy when it comes to being affectionate.  If they aren’t into you at that moment, don’t take it personally.  That being said, cats love unconditionally…they might show not it all the time but their love is for real.

Oh my God, the cat hairs – Yeah.  It is amazing how much hair will end up on your clothes, in your food, your toothbrush, your mousepad at work…

The secret for getting the cat hair situation under control is a lint brush, vacuum cleaner, and swifter duster – click for Amazon prices.

Use these tools every day to keep the cat hairs from driving you crazy. No seriously… every day.

You will get jealous of their easy laidback life – You will look at your cat and wish you had it this easy.  Really, it’s not a bad life.  As an amazing cat owner you will feed, clean the litter and make life nice for your furball and all the cat has to do is nuzzle every once in a while and look cute.  Not bad.

living with cats

And speaking of cat litter boxes…

The cat litter box is a serious matter.  If you wake up one morning to a neat pile of cat crap on your bed, you need to ask yourself when was the last time you cleaned the litter box.

Cat’s don’t like stepping on their own poop and pee when they use the litter box.  Instead, they will let loose on your very expensive rug.  Or shoes.

New cat owner tip: I recommend the Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan.  This litter box is freaking huge; plenty of room for a cat to happily do his/her business – Check here for prices on Amazon.

living with cats

Don’t have a cat?  Adopt and give a cat a home!

Man, cats get a bad rep; I don’t know why! Cats are so cool and low maintenance.  Feed them, clean their litter and you got a friend for life.  They are judgment-free and make great companions when you’re lonely.

living with cats
Photo by Yerlin Matu on Unsplash

Here’s what to do to get your own:

  • I recommend checking the ASPCA website.  The ASPCA has a national database of cats available for adoption.  You can search by zip code, breed, qualities you might be looking for in a cat, etc.   I just searched my area here in Florida.  There are 155 cats available for adoption in my area.
  • The next step is to visit the shelter to get a look at your potential cat, up close and personal.  Also, the shelter is going to want to make sure you’re a suitable choice for your new cat.


live with cats

Every shelter has its own procedures but the process will probably look something like…

1. Fill out an application
2. Provide proof of address
3. The shelter will provide you time alone with your cat
4. Take your cat home the next day, 
   after its been checked by the vet.   
5. Some shelters charge from $25-$50 for adoption.

Why adopt a rescue cat from a shelter?

According to the Humane Society of America, “2.7 million adoptable cats (and dogs) are euthanized in the United States”.  Adopting from a shelter means saving a life.

living with cats


Save your life and adopt a cat!