35 Cool Things to Buy on Amazon under 25 dollars for Cats

Posted: April 1, 2021 by Anita

cool things to buy on amazon under 25
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I’m a stone-cold introvert who hates – HATES shopping unless it’s online.  My favorite online store of choice is Amazon.

I’m excited to bring to you awesome things to buy on Amazon under $25 for cats! Yay!!

My latest online shopping obsession is buying cool cat stuff for Theo. Theo has his own Amazon wish list.  And it’s longer than my wish list.  I love shopping for Theo on Amazon because I can always find great deals on cat food, cat toys, cat furniture, cat litter….the list (Theo’s list) goes on and on.

I sniff out 35 cool things to buy on Amazon, under 25 dollars for cats in this post.

5 Great Cat carrier bags (for under $25)

You are going to need a suitable cat carrier bag. Good news; Amazon offers several great cat carrier bags for under $25. You don’t have to break the bank!

Here are some fantastic cat carrier bags you can buy online at Amazon.com:

1. The Soft-sided Pet Travel Carrier by Vceoa is a sturdy carrier that I use for Theo for his visit to the Vet. Great for short trips to the Vet.

  • recommended maximum weight – 16 lbs (7kg)
  • 17.5″ (L) X 11″ (W) X 11″ (H)
  • fits most under-seat compartments of airplanes (please check with airlines you’re flying with before purchasing)
  • Carrying handles, padded shoulder straps and back strap to fasten to your luggage
  • Customer ratings – 4.8 stars

2.  Henkelion Cat Carrier comes in these fabulous colors for the fashion-forward cat parent. The medium size carrier is durable and able to handle cats up to 15 lbs.

  • airline approved (please check with airlines you’re flying with before purchasing
  • 15″ (L) X 9″ (W) X 9″ (H)
  • waterproof
  • soft sided with 4-sided mesh that allows your cat to peek out
  • has 2 connecting loop handles for balanced carrying of your cat
  • Customer ratings – 4.7 stars

3.  The Comsmart Cat Carrier is balanced, safe, and comfortable – what more can a cat parent ask for?

  • 15″ X 9″ X 9″ and good for cats up to 15 lbs
  • two steel rods makes this cat carrier very durable
  • 3-ply cushion bottom pad
  • multiple ways to get your cat inside (top – side – front entrance)
  • Customer ratings – 4.7 stars

4. ScratchMe Pet Travel Carrier comes in two sizes – both under $25! The collapsable design allows you to store away when not in use. This cat carrier is very stable, constructed with a steel ring set and a firm wooden bottom plate.

  • Dimensions – 17″ (L) X 12″ (W) X 12″ (H)
  • Good for cats up to 17 lbs
  • Front and rear pockets to store treats
  • internal leash to secure cat inside
  • customer ratings – 4.7 stars

5. Prodigen Pet Carrier is ultra-safe and extra durable for the cat who loves to claw its way out of everything! This cat carrier is not flimsy.

  • Dimensions – 17.5″ (L) X 10″ (W) X 11″ (H)
  • For cats up to 14 lbs
  • claw-defense mesh on top and 4 sides
  • comes real cool colors
  • customer ratings – 4.7 stars

6 of the best cat toys for under $25

All cat owners know that one of the things cats love doing is chasing stuff. So let’s take a look at some cool things for cats to toy with. Best prices for cat toys are available online at Amazon.com.

Theo loves stalking.  He will hide behind a shoe, then JUMP OUT like he’s pouncing on some imaginary prey that happens to look like my toes.  This quickly got to be irritating (well, at least for me…he loves it).

So I am always searching for the perfect cat toy that will entertain Theo for hours and give my toes a break.

1. Cats love playing with yarn or pieces of string so get your cat the Cat Dancer Rainbow Cat Charmer  and watch him lose his damn feline mind (in a good way).  I literally have to put Cat Dancer away from Theo for a few days because it unleashes THE BEAST in him.

No joke. He loves it!

2.  You can never have enough cool things for your cat to chase so I suggest getting the M JJYPET Retractable Cat Toy Wand.  Ahh but there’s more.  You get:

  • 2 wands
  • 4 worms (not real ones of course…lol)
  • a pack of 5 interchangeable cat feathers
  • a cat tunnel

This assortment of toys is a steal for the price and a great way to build up your supply of cat toys – cats get bored very quickly.

3. You can get cool cat stuff on Amazon. The Cattraction Unicorn Kicker Cat Toy is great for tossing across the room for your cat to run after.   And the bonus is that it is filled with silvervine and catnip, making it attractive to your cat’s senses.  The elongated design promotes that cute little kicking action that cats do when wrestling with something.

4. I also got the Hartz Cattraction with Silver Vine and Catnip Gator for Theo (you can see him pawing it in the pic above).  The catnip gator has a loop at the end that you can hang on a doorknob for your cat to stretch and scratch.

5. Another fun cat product from Hartz that Theo loves is the Just For Cats Midnight Crazies Cat Toy Balls!  I have these balls all over the place for Theo to play with randomly. I’ve had to keep purchasing more of them because they disappear under things like the stove, the refrigerator…I recently found a bunch of Theo’s cat toy balls under the couch when re-arranging the furniture in my living room.

6. Theo is carrying the Cattraction Shooting Star while meowing like he’s lost his best friend.  I purchased his through Amazon, but they are currently out of stock.  You can find it at Chewy.com by clicking here.

For the cat lover who loves cat toys DIY project, check out this Youtube video.  Show your cat some special love by making these cat DIY toys that I found on PETA.org.  The article is called “14 DIY Cat Toys for your Favorite Feline”.  Click here to go there.

Cat scratching post under $25

Satisfy your cat’s urge to scratch and claw by investing in a cat scratching post.  The following recommendations are for a cat post solely for your cat’s natural impulse to scratch and a fantastic deal for under $25.   

A good scratching post will keep your cat from using your furniture as a scratching post.

1. Akarden Tall Cat Scratching Post will attract your cat to play and scratch! A broad base makes this scratching post very sturdy.

  • Dimensions – 29 inch tall
  • base tower made with heavy chipboard making it safe and stable
  • easy to set up – just screw all parts together
  • Customer ratings – 4.5 stars

2. MeCool Cat Scratching Post is made of 100% natural sisal hemp. The base and top are weighed and covered with high-quality carpet—best for small cats and kittens.

  • Dimensions – 22″ tall
  • easy assemble – just screw all parts together
  • designed for kittens and small cats
  • Customer ratings – 4.7 stars

Best cat products on Amazon for under $25

I spy with my little eye…15 more cool things for cats that you can buy from Amazon for under $25!

LOL!!!  YES!

1. Cat Window Perches are an awesome way to share space with your cat without compromising style and decor.  The K&H EZ Mount Cat Scratcher Kitty Sill is both cat scratcher and window mounted perch for your cat and home.  Perfect for keeping your cat off your couch.

2. If you’re in the market for a good cat stain remover I recommend buying Rocco and Roxie Professional Stain and Odor Eliminator for those quick clean ups in between those major clean ups.

Moving right along with cool cat stuff on Amazon…

3. Is your cat an inside cat but desperately, desperately wants to be an outside cat?  The Fooubaby Cat Tent is a great way for your cat to enjoy the outside…well…while being inside.

4.  The plan for me (and Theo…teamwork makes the dream work) is to eventually foster tiny orphaned kittens and prepare them for their future home.  So, I was thinking the small animal playpen by Rypet would be perfect for my kitten nursery that I’m setting up.

5. Theo was a cute little fleabag when we first found him on a cold rainy day.  I have to admit to being a bit grossed out by it, so the first thing I did was google “how to get rid of fleas on kittens”…cuz honey, I was clueless! I discovered the kitten lady video on removing fleas from Lil baby kittens – click here to check out this awesome video.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is the flea comb I used for Theo was the Safari Pet Products Flea Comb.

6. This Kitty Cat Tunnel is so adorable, and your cat will love hiding away in this collapsible cat tunnel by Easyology – purchase the attachment along with it and create a 3-way Play Cat Tube.

7.  I don’t know about you, but I hate it when the cat litter waste/poop gets stuck on the litter scooper.  And you have to wave it around and shake it vigorously to dislodge that disgusting piece of whatever it is…poop or pee.  The IPRIMIO Cat Litter Scooper with a deep shovel has a non-stick surface that promises the poop won’t stick.

8.  OMG, the Bone Dry Stripes with Paw Patch Collapsible Polyester Pet Storage Bin is soooo cute and an Amazon cat-must-haves especially if you’re drowning in cat toys, blankets, towels, etc and need somewhere to store them.

9.  To keep those cat ears cleaned out, check out Petpost Cat Ear Cleaner Wipes.  Great for cleaning out the gunk that happens to build up somehow in your cat’s ear.  This reminds me that I need to check Theo’s ear for gunk…yuck!

10. My Vet recommended giving Lysine to Theo for his puffy right eye and runny nose.  The brand I used was Cat Trulysine, L-Lysine Supplement for cats.  It cleared his upper respiratory issues in about a week.  Please consult your Vet before administering this product to your cat.

11. If your cat is obsessed with destroying your new couch you might want to give the Furniture Defender Cat Scratch Guards Deterrent a shot.  The guards are held firmly in place by screw pins.  It comes in five sizes and can only be used on upholstered furniture.

12. My favorite cat litter (for the time being) is the Arm and Hammer Platinum Slide Easy Clean-Up Cat Litter.  What do I love about this litter? It’s practically dust-free and it doesn’t cling to the bottom of the litter box like cement.

13. You’re going to need a perfect cat hair remover.  I recommend the ChomChom Roller Cat Hair and Lint Remover.  It removes cat hair from everything, including you!  No pain-in-the-ass adhesive to deal with because it uses a reusable brush instead. And there’s a little chamber that catches all the hair.

14. My daughter’s cat Gigi has short stubby little legs so it’s impossible for her to climb on my daughter’s high-ass bed.  So Gigi (and my 2-year-old grandson) uses the Furhaven Pet Stairs to climb Mount Posturepedic mattress.

Lastly, but not least…

15. Cats, although clean, can be messy, scratchy, hairy, and wear a hole in good chairs and couches. And my God, we all know that they scratch cat litter with their little paws.  Yuck.  So, may I suggest getting the Easy-Going Sofa Slipcover?  After discovering barbeque sauce on my new couch (not from Theo but my grandson), I will be purchasing this next!

*Please note: one shown is for an armchair, not a couch.


What should I buy on Amazon for my cat?  Everything, honey!   Get your cat a wish list.  You will thank me later. Amazon has some fantastic things to buy online for under $25 for your cat.

And the great about it is you don’t have to go broke buying those all-cool cat products!

AND shipping is complimentary (because I’m a Prime Member).  If you’re not a Prime member – Click here to try out Amazon Prime membership for free for 30-days. 

Getting cool things on Amazon for your fluffball doesn’t’ have to break the bank.  These cool things you can buy on Amazon are perfect for those folks (including myself) who are on a budget, and Amazon is one of the best sites to buy stuff for your cat.

No joke, Amazon is the best shop for cats!

The best time to buy from Amazon is during peak season, which occurs from Thanksgiving (Black Friday) to Christmas Eve.  If you’re a Prime member, Amazon celebrates you by offering great deals during Prime Days (this year, 2021, it will be in June).

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