No More Stinky Litter – Best Cat Litter For Smell Control

Posted: February 8, 2022 by Anita

best cat litter for smell
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As a cat owner (and cat lover), I will admit that I’m obsessed when it comes to cat litter. And believe me when I tell you I’ve tried so many of them.

I’m picky about cat litter, so I’ve come up with a list of must-haves when I choose a litter to go with. Cats can be very selective, as well, when it comes to cat litter. Lucky for me, Theo has been open to my choices in cat litter.

My thinking on Theo’s ambivalence regarding cat litter is that he’s a feral, and as a feral, can you be picky about cat litter? Ferals are used to peeing in all types of outside substances, so how picky can they get about cat litter? This makes feral cats pretty damn cool.

But anyway, that’s my theory.

This article discusses my (and Theo’s) choice for the best cat litter for smell control.

The real deal in choosing the best cat litter for smell control

I consider myself an expert on cat litter.

I can’t say I’ve tried them all, but I’ve tried a lot of them. I feel like choosing the best cat litter is a profoundly personal thing.

I keep one of Theo’s cat litter boxes in the guest bathroom (the other cat litter box is in his room – yes, Theo has his room).

So it’s important to me that (1) I keep the litter box clean and (2) the cat litter doesn’t stink because who wants to sit on someone’s toilet and have to look at and smell a dirty, stinky litter box.

The third reason is that this is the litter box Theo uses the most, so he must be good with it.

And occasionally, I use that bathroom, so yeah, it is crucial to have a presentable cat litter box that doesn’t stink.

Non-negotiables in choosing the best type of cat litter

So, let’s go over my criteria for suitable cat litter before I reveal my favorite:

  • Great at clumping
  • it has to be the best cat litter for odor control
  • low dust or dust free cat litter
  • unscented
  • Theo has to be able to tolerate it

My pick for the best cat litter for smell control

Theo and I are very much into Arm&Hammer Clump&Seal Slide Easy Clean-Up Clumping Litter. I’ve been using it for about a year now for Theo’s litter box, and it checks all my boxes for great litter.

Click here to purchase a box for your kitty’s litter box

What I love about Arm&Hammer Clump&Seal Slide Cat Litter

Where should I start? This cat litter is almost perfect. Actually, I have no complaints.

But here’s a list of my likes:

  • No stinky bits of clumpy litter left on everything that Theo touches with his paws (like my bed, my sofa, my desk, my laptop, etc.- yucky).
  • Nice clumping properties – clumps don’t break apart when scooping up the pee and poop.
  • Small clumps and bits don’t get caught on the scooper – which grosses me out; click here to check out the scooper that I purchased from Amazon.
  • Clumps don’t stick to the bottom of the litter box
  • Litter slides right out of the litter box when changing to clean litter – makes for easy, uncomplicated cleanup.
  • Oh, and I almost forgot – no smelly cat litter box (and it’s unscented).


I think I will stick with this cat litter for a little while. And Theo seems to be OK with it, as well. As a fellow cat owner, I recommend that you at least give it a try – you and your cat might be OK with it too!

Happy cat, happy life!

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