3 Best Cat Litter Box Perfect For The Small Apartment

Posted: June 6, 2020 by Anita

best cat litter box
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Living with a cat in a small apartment can be challenging.  Two of the most challenging aspects of apartment dwelling as a cat owner are (1) coming up with the best cat litter box ideas for your small apartment and (2) where the hell you will put the litter box.

In this article, I discuss:

  • Three best cat litter box for small spaces
  • where to put the litter box in a small apartment
  • how to clean a litter box in an apartment

3 best litter box for small apartment

The following are the perfect cat litter boxes for small spaces. And are perfect for the cat lover who’s short on living space.  What’s great about these litter boxes is that they serve two purposes; they will work well for you and your cats and aren’t a total eye-sore.  These best cat litter boxes were rated highly by Amazon customers.

Here are my choices for the three best litter boxes for small apartments:

Best litter box for small spaces for multiple cats

1.Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan


  • the best cat litter box for multiple cats apartment dwellers
  • large enough for your cat to do a full 360 turn
  • cat litter box with high sides; enclosed litter box
  • hooded cat litter box – best-covered litter box
  • dips in front for cats who might have a hard time climbing in and out of the litter box
  • the best cat litter box for odor
  • the best litter box for large cats
  • my favorite cat litter box
  • customer ratings:  4.4 stars

Please note: The Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan is so great that Amazon can’t keep them in stock!

As an alternative to the Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan, I recommend the unhooded version –

Catit Cat Litter Pan (Gray)

Click here to check it out.


  • unhooded for those cats who don’t care for hooded litter boxes
  • added rim as a shield to help prevent litter from spilling out
  • raised back and high sides to keep litter in box.

For a link to the best litter box (Catit Jumbo Cat Litter Pan) for cats at Amazon.co.uk, click here

For a link to the best litter box (Catit Jumbo Cat Litter Pan) for cats at Amazon.ca, click here.

For a link to the best litter box (Catit Jumbo Cat Litter Pan) for cats at Amazon.com.au, click here.

Best space saver litter box

2. Cat Love Space Saver Corner Hooded Cat Pan


  • cat litter box with a door
  • hooded cat litter box
  • fits in corner of rooms – narrow litter box for small spaces
  • built-in bag anchor
  • roomy
  • customer rating: 4.4 stars

Best top-entry litter box

3. Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan


  • cat litter box top entry
  • cat litter box with lid – enclosed cat litter box
  • works for 2 cat household
  • tall cat litter box
  • great for larger cats
  • the best litter box for messy cats
  • customer rating: 4.5 stars

Wanna try your hand at cat litter box DIY?  Click on this article from Adopt-a-Pet.com.

Best litter box enclosures and litter box solutions

Before searching for cat litter box ideas for a small apartment, you need to take a long hard look at what you’re working with in terms of location (which I will discuss later) and space. 

Both the amount of space and the best place for the litter box in your apartment will determine what litter box will work for you and your cat.  These are the features I look for when choosing the best litter boxes for small apartments:

  • high sided litter box
  • a cat litter box with a lid (optional)
  • deep litter box
  • easy to clean litter box
  • aesthetically pleasing or the ability to blend in with your decor

The Ecoflex Habitat ‘N’ Home Litter Loo doubles as a functional end table and cat loo. Place a lamp, plants, and alarm clock on top; place the litter box on the inside.


  • available in 2 sizes; jumbo and standard
  • comes in espresso, white, gray, russet colors
  • resistant to moisture, warping, cracking, and splitting
  • customer rating: 4.6 stars of 5

The Petsfit Assemble Odorless Litter Box End Table can be used as a nightstand. This multifunctional table can be used either as a cat house or litter box enclosure.


  • multi-functional; can be used as a cat house as well
  • comes in espresso, white colors
  • made of real wood
  • waterproof
  • best litter box furniture for studio apartments – looks like regular furniture
  • might need assistance putting this together – 2 person operation
  • customer rating: 4.3 stars

The Kitangle Corner Kitty Litter Box would fit perfectly in your home as a piece of furniture…but no, it’s really a cat litter box. Pretty darn cool!


  • Handmade
  • No liner needed – removable lid
  • sturdy and stylish; great in any corner
  • fits in small spaces – a perfect litter box for small bathroom, perhaps?
  • 5-star customer ratings from etsy.com

The Maja Cat Litter Box Cover House modern design looks like it should be on the cover of Architectural Design mag. Click here for more information on this beautiful piece.

Maja Cat Litter Box Enclosure


  • Handmade
  • slatted design for ventilation
  • customer rating: 4.8 stars from etsy.com

The Arf Pet Designer Enclosed Cat Litter Box comes with an attractive tabletop surface making it a great side table for flowers or towels – perfect for a space in the bathroom.


  • handy extra storage shelf
  • multi-functional; very attractive addition to your bathroom
  • customer rating: 3.8 stars

The Curio Modern Litter Box Solution is a beautiful piece – no visitor to your house is going to believe that this is furniture for your cat’s litter box.

Curio Litter Box Solution


  • Comes with a litter liner
  • very modern-looking – looks like a beautiful piece of furniture
  • Handmade
  • Customer rating of 5 stars (Etsy.com)

Look at this cute little litter box enclosure. For my readers across the pond – this enclosure ships from the Netherlands! Click here for more information from etsy.com. Very modern in style and would fit perfectly in the bathroom.

Litter box enclosure from Catandwood
  • Ships from the Netherland
  • very modern-looking – looks like a beautiful piece of furniture
  • Handmade
  • Customer rating of 5 stars (Etsy.com)

Check out litter box solutions for Canada (etsy.com) by clicking here.

Check out litter box solutions for the UK (etsy.com) by clicking here.

Where to Put Litter Box in Small Apartment

Where to put a litter box in a small apartment when living with a cat?  The last thing you want is behavioral issues with your cat when it comes to the litter box.

The key elements to the perfect litter box placement is:

  • private
  • quiet
  • calm

The atmosphere that the litter box is placed in has to be almost meditative. Most likely, there’s not a whole lot of meditative spaces for a litter box in a small apartment. So your best bet is to create a space or an illusion of privacy for your cat to poop that comes pretty damn close to almost perfect.

Here are some places that might work:

  • Bedroom or spare bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Living room
  • Closet or utility closet

Litter box in bedroom

In my opinion, placing a litter box in your bedroom is probably the last resort when it comes to litter box placement. It might not be too bad for your cat – it allows privacy and quietness for your cat while he does his business.

However, if you’re a light sleeper having your cat’s litter box in the bedroom could keep you up at night. With your cat scratching, digging, and kicking litter around in the litterbox could mean interrupted sleep for you.

best cat litter box for small apartment

But what if you don’t have any options? The good news is that you don’t have to shove the litter box in a closet, underneath your bed, or have it out in the open as an eyesore.  There are multiple litter box solutions that can keep the cat litter box hidden and is stylish enough to mix well with your bedroom.

Litter box in bathroom

Another location that you might consider for the litter box is the bathroom.  It makes sense, right? Just like the bedroom, the bathroom is a low-traffic area and, for the most part, is a quiet, private location for your cat to use the litter box.

But what if neither the bathroom or bedroom are a good fit for a cat litter box enclosure or cat litter box cabinet?  none of these locations is a good fit?  Where else would be the best place for a litter box in a small apartment?

best cat litter box for small apartment

Litter box in the living room: How about litter box furniture

Placing the litter box in the living room might be painful if you’re a person who loves to entertain guests.  To make it less painful, you have the option of using cat litter box furniture. Here are some reasons why using cat box furniture is a good idea:

  • Cat litter box furniture solutions are now very modern looking and can quickly camouflage the ugliest of cat litter boxes.
  • cat litter furniture cuts down on cat litter tracking
  • hides cat litter mess
Merry Pet Cat Washroom Bench


  • designed to fit any size litter box including automatic litter boxes
  • removable partition, could be storage for cat litter as well
  • entrance can be placed on either side of unit to suit your living space
  • very stylish making it the perfect hidden litter box furniture for small apartments
  • comes in walnut or white
  • customer rating: 4.2 stars
Meow Town Concord Litter Box Cabinet


  • very stylish, modern cat litter box furniture making it the perfect hidden cat litter box furniture for small apartments
  • comes with a drawer, equipped with magnetic-closing doors
  • can be coupled with the refined feline catch for stray litter
  • customer rating: 3.9 stars
best cat litter box for small apartment
My cats’ litter box tight squeeze in the utility closet inside the bathroom!

How to clean a litter box in an apartment

Cleaning a litter box can be messy, and a total time suck.  But a clean litter box means a happy cat and a nice clean-smelling home to boot. It would be best if you cleaned your cat’s litter box every time you change out the litter.

Here’s what supplies you’ll need:

  • rubber gloves
  • 30-gallon heavy-duty trash bag – I recommend Hefty Strong Multipurpose.  Click here to buy from Amazon.
  • bucket
  • sponge
  • Palmolive or any mild smelling liquid dishwashing liquid

All of the supplies I mentioned above are optional…okay, all of them are optional.  However, using a 30-gallon heavy-duty trash bag will allow you to place the whole litter box inside the trash bag and dump it without getting litter on you, on the floor, on the cat, etc., most importantly, the bag won’t rip.

First, you want to dump the used litter into your heavy-duty trash bag.  With a little maneuvering, you should be able to partially insert the litter box so that half of the litter box is inside the bag.

Next, tilt the litter box and dump litter into a bag.  Lastly, with soapy water, clean out the litter box, inside and out. Wipe completely dry with paper towels.

Video Review of the Catit Jumbo Cat Litter Pan

I decided to purchase the Catit Jumbo Cat Litter Pan for my small apartment.  It’s cute that it’s called a “litter pan” because it’s more like an extra-large cat litter box.  I love how somebody can fold out the entry door the way for cleaning of poopers).

Learn about the best cat litter for small apartment


Finding the best cat litter box for a small apartment and where to keep the litter box can be challenging.  Those challenges can be overcome by carefully picking out the best litter box for your space and being creative with limited space by utilizing litter box furniture.

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