First Income Report April 2019

Posted: May 10, 2019 by Anita

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Welcome to my first income report for my blog Cat Mama!  I’m nervous. But I’m putting it all out there for the world to see.

It is so easy to slack off on my goals when no one is watching.  So these monthly income reports are a great way to keep me accountable.  Also, I will be tracking how the course, Build Blog Freedom Fast Track, is helping my blog get to the income level I want to achieve.

Background information about my blog

I started Cat Mama because I was totally frustrated at my lack of financial progress with my travel blog, the Social Tourist. In my twisted out-of-wack thinking starting a new blog was going to free me of the dreaded 9-5 and allow me to live my best life possible.  Do you know how crazy that sounds to me right now?

A fellow blogger recommended joining Digital Nomad Wannabe’s Facebook group.  This Facebook group is full of great information on how to get started with blogging.  I gobbled up tons of information on starting niche sites by reading posts from the DNW’s blog site.   Being an avid cat lover I came up with the name “Cat Mama”; an Amazon affiliate niche site.  I was going to be rich!

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Panicked and overwhelmed with no direction

A year later, I was making no progress and couldn’t for the life of me understand why other blogger’s on DNW’s FB group was having success.  Here’s what I was doing wrong:

  • I knew how much I wanted to make from my blog but no direction or plan on how to get there
  • writing the wrong types of posts and randomly placing affiliate links
  • impatient; constantly making changes to my post thereby not allowing enough time between changes to see if those changes worked
  • no clear goals
  • comparing my lack of success with other blogs
  • totally all over the place

I wanted success now, now, NOW!  But it wasn’t happening.

So I joined Build Blog Freedom in August of 2018…

My work life at this point sucked (I’m talking – a prescription for Prozac) and I was desperate for a change.  However by the end of November of 2018, 3 months after joining BBF – still no progress.

What was I doing wrong…

  • I was desperate and impatient – the wrong mindset for success
  • skipped over a lot of the BBF course – looking for the “magic” answer
  • not realizing all the answers was in all in the information I had skipped

A Do-over – restarting the BBF course

In December 2018 I decided to a re-boot and start the BBF course from the very beginning – no skipping.  In January, I finally made $25.46 from Amazon and my traffic had doubled.


Income Report April 2019

Total income for $96.95.  Here’s the income report April 2019 breakdown:

  • Amazon – $82.02
  • Google Adsense – $14.93
  • Traffic – 3394 users/4618 pageviews

Things I did the month of April

  • stopped leaning on Pinterest for traffic (too damn lazy to make pins).  However, if you’re looking for a great Pinterest course, click here
  • re-defined Cat Mama’s niche
  • started writing posts with SEO in mind

My goals for May

  • increase the number of readers to 7000 users/9000 PV
  • continue to write quality posts



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