Should You Consider High-End Cat Furniture For Your Space? Absolutely!

Posted: September 5, 2019 by Anita

The struggle


I’ve written a few articles about the struggle of integrating cat furniture and accessories into a cat owner’s living space (see “Three Best Cat Litter Box for Small Apartment,” “Contemporary Cat Furniture for Small Apartment“).

I was contacted recently by Tuft + Paw, a high-end cat furniture shop for cat owners who asked if I would take a look at their cat stuff on their website.

My first thought was WOW! My eyes greedily took in the beautiful modern design cat furniture on their website and couldn’t get enough as I scroll from page to page.

My second thought was WOW! The prices were also breath-taking.

I know you’re tempted to run at this point but hear me out.  It got me thinking.

  • Is there a market for this?
  • Who would benefit from shopping at a high-end cat furniture shop?
  • Would I buy it if I had the means (money, honey) to do so?
  • Is high-end cat furniture something you would be interested in?

(Please note: I didn’t receive anything from Tuft + Paw other than an email asking to check out their website. I did, however, make a small purchase and joined their affiliate program after falling in love with their story).

*No small cats were harmed in the writing of this article*

high end cat furniture

Space compromised or shared living space.


As cat owners, we have to compromise our living space to share it with our cat.  It’s a huge sacrifice.  And it’s not easy, especially if you’re living in a small apartment.

Compromise usually means trying to make ugly, hideous cat furniture mix in aesthetically with your furniture.  If you live in a large house with extra space, you can banish the nasty stuff to a room or enclosed porch somewhere.

But what if you don’t have the luxury of space?  Should you consider high-end cat furniture as a solution to dealing with grossly eye-sore cat furniture in your shared space?

Cat ownership is a mindset, right?  Sometimes you might wonder; who owns who?  It is a lifetime commitment. So, if this small helpless cute furball is part of my life is it crazy to buy furniture and accessories that we both will like and that will complement and beautify our (cat + human) space?

What is high-end cat furniture?

What is high-end cat furniture?  It is high-end (meaning expensive but well made) modern furniture for cats and their owners.  High-end cat furniture is an investment just like any well made modern human furniture.

It’s a way to co-exist as a cat lover, cat owner happily, and still, hold on to some semblance of order and beauty in you and your cat’s space.


high end cat furniture


Take A Look at Tuft + Paw

Their tagline is “Modern Cat Furniture that Both Cat and Humans will Love.”  Tuft + Paw grew from the age-old question that many cat owners have stressed about; “Where the hell do I put the cat litter box?”

And if you think about it, the answer is brilliant.  If you’re trying to share limited space with a cat, then your furniture (or at least your cat’s furniture) should serve dual purposes.

Cat litter box furniture

So instead of trying to cram a cat litter box and a console into a limited living space, maybe you get a console that has a hidden cat litter box.

The Rifiuti Litterbox furniture is so modern looking that no one is going to know there’s a litter box hidden inside this beautiful piece.  And it doesn’t just look keeps the litter tracking to a minimal.  Read this review from their Tuft + Paw’s website:


  • latches open for easy cleaning
  • extra storage is included
  • Does not include a litter box
  • for cats under 15 pounds

Click here more information.


Cat Tree for Large Cats

It isn’t easy to find a sturdy, well-built cat tree for large cats.  (Hello? Maine Coons?) The Milo Cat Tower is a jungle gym for your cat and light conversation piece over cocktails for you.


This looks like fun. Doesn’t it?  It is made of birch plywood (not particle board) and is built to last.

  • suitable for cats of all shapes and sizes
  • Dimensions: 62″ X 53″ X 15″

For more information, click here.

Cat beds

The Nido Cat Bed is sooo cute. It’s made of oversized yarn!  And what cat can resist yarn?  The Nido Cat Bed would go perfect next to the blankets on your couch or your wooden floors.  Click here for more information.



Is there a market for high-end cat furniture and accessories? Yes!  According to a market research report, consumer demand for “innovative and fashionable pet accessories is rising significantly.”

The need for dual-purpose furniture for pet and owner has increased as well –  “…some products can serve both the pet and owner at the same time.  These [sic] furniture combine pet beds and owner’s furniture, including coffee tables, bedside table, and chair in a single product.”

And for cat owners who live in small spaces, they…” are boosting the demand for such (multi-functional) furniture product form.” (Pet Furniture Market Size & Share, Industry Growth Rate 2019-2025)

An investment in high-end cat furniture means a wise choice for the pet owner who realizes that their cat is an essential member of the family who will be around for years and years.  Therefore, he should be sharing the living space like any other family member.

The cat furniture at Tuft + Paw is an excellent example of how cat furniture can be multi-functional and be aesthetically pleasing, as well.  Tuft + Paw has  “modern cat furniture that both cat and human will love.”

I will be the first to agree that high-end cat furniture is costly and is not for every cat owner.  But if you do have the means and you’re tired of asking yourself where am I going to put that damn cat litter box?  You could possibly find the answer at Tuft + Paw.


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