35 Cool Things to Buy on Amazon under 25 dollars for Cats (and Cat Lovers)

Posted: October 29, 2018 by Anita

cool things to buy on amazon under 25

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Who doesn’t like shopping for cool stuff to buy online? I know I do!  Hey, but don’t forget your cat.  Get your furball some cool cat stuff!

Well, there’s no need to leave the comfort of your home to buy cool things from Amazon for your cat. In this post, I sniff out the best things to buy on Amazon under 25 dollars for your cat (and cat lover).

Cool Things to Buy on Amazon under 25 dollars

For those folks (including myself) who’s on a budget, Amazon is one of the best sites to buy stuff for your cat.  Getting cool things on Amazon for your fluffball doesn’ have to break the bank. There are plenty of things to buy on Amazon that will cost you less than 25 dollars.  And if you’re savvy at finding deals you can even find plenty of awesome stuff to buy for under $10.

Here’s some cool things to buy online at Amazon.com for your cat:

1.  Cool cat stuff on Amazon to keep your cat’s nail trimmed to perfection with Cat Nail Clippers.  These nail trimmers are equipped with a safety stop to prevent injury to your cat’s nail bed.  Customer’s rate this a 4.7 out of 5 stars.


2.  Put this cute little ultra soft cat bed by Mora on your list of “cool stuff on Amazon.  The Ultra Soft Cat Bed is great for that cat who loves to do the paw kneading to your comforters, couch, and pillows.  It is made with high-quality fleece and stuffed with cotton.  The Mora Ultra Soft Pet Bed has a customer rating of 4.5

3.  The next item is wonderful for the cat owner who is tired of wet spots and stray cat food on the kitchen floor from your cat’s food dish.  The Reopet Silicone Cat Bowl Mat is waterproof and comes in different cool colors.  Dishwasher safe.  A customer’s rating:  4.4.

4.  Another cool stuff to buy on Amazon for cats who travel with their owners…check out these cute portable travel bowlsfor the cat who loves road trips.  Customer rating: 4.4

5.  And speaking of road trips, I got the Nature’s Miracle Disposable Litter Boxfor my cats when I traveled cross-country with them.  I love that these disposable litter boxes are deep with high sides so no cat pee accidents.  Customer ratings: 4.5


6.  For the cat that’s suffering from the blues, try Catnip by Cat Crack.  100% natural and potent.  Customer rating: 4.4

7.  What cat doesn’t love cat treats?  Surprise your sweet purrrfect cat with Purina Party Mix Beachside Cat Treats in the handy-dandy 20 oz  value size. Customer rating: 4.7


8.  A cat who sheds a lot will benefit from the Li’L Pals Cat Slicker Brush.  It features flexible plastic tip pins to prevent injury to your cat when brushing.  The Li’l Pals Cat Slicker Brush gets a 4.6 out of 5 customer rating.

10.  The laser pointer for cats is a must for all cat owners.  The Animmo Cat Laser Pointercomes with 2 pointer and enough batteries for both lasers.  Wow your cat with hours of fun and exercise with the Animmo Cat Laser.  Customer ratings: 4.4


Best Cat Toys Amazon for Under $25


All cat owners know that one of the things cats love doing is chasing stuff. What cat can resist a toy that moves, interacts or makes noises?  What cat can resist any type of cat toys? Best prices for cat toys are available online at Amazon.com.  Here are the best cat toys for indoor cats Amazon has to offer for under 25.00 that’s ideal for the cat who loves to play.

11. Here are some awesome things to you can buy for under $25.  The Ailuki 26 Toy Assortment is one of those fun things to buy on Amazon your cat that will give him hours of feline entertainment.   Your cat will have 26 different toys to play with that includes a cat laser toy, crinkle balls, 2-way tunnel and lots more.  Customer rating:  5.0

*Amazon is offering an additional 5% discount coupon.  Be sure to click “coupon box” underneath the price before checking out!

12.  My cats’ favorite toy is the Cat Dancer Rainbow Cat Charmer.  My cats literally lose their minds when I play with them using the Cat Dancer.  Customer rating: 4.7

13. Cats absolutely love interactive cat toys!  Cat toys that are interactive is an awesome way to provide mental stimulation and physical fun-filled play time to your cat.  The Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Ball Interacive Cat Toy is one of Amazon’s best-selling cat toys and has spinning balls that will keep your cats busy.  It has a non-slip base that will stay into place while your cat plays vigourously with it.

14.  As you know, kittens love to bite on everything. Why not give your kitten cat chew toys to chomp on instead of them chewing on your furniture?  Cat chew toys are perfect cat toys for kittens who need to satisfy their basic biting instinct.  They are also perfect toys for cats that like to chew on everything.  The Catnip Kitty Teething Rattle contains catnip and is the most safest chew toy on the market.  The best cat chew toys are ones in which you don’t have to worry about little pieces of the cat chew toy lodging in your kitten’s throat. And this cat chew toy fits the bill.

15.  The GoCat Da Bird Cat Toy is a realistic guinea feather toy that will delight your cat.  The feather is attached to a 36-inch pole which allows you to simulate a bird flying.  Da Bird Cat toy has a customer rating of:  4.5

16.  Awaken your cat’s natural hunting instinct with the Play-N-Squeek Mouse Electronic Cat Toy.  It will stimulate your cat senses, physically and mentally and it contains YES…catnip!  Customer Rating: 4.5.

For the cat lover who loves cat toys DIY project; check out this Youtube video.  Show your cat some special love by making these cat DIY toys that I found on the website PETA.org.  The article is called “14 DIY Cat Toys for your Favorite Feline”.  Click here to go there.

cool things to buy on amazon under 25

Cat Accessories for your Cat’s Personal Space under $25


It is important that your cat has space of its own in your home.  A cat needs a safe environment to retreat when they feel overwhelmed by life.  There’s nothing that says that the space has to be boring (or expensive)! The following is the best things on Amazon to buy for your cat’s personal space for under $25.

17.  Cat Window Perches are an awesome way to share space with your cat without out compromising style and decor.  The Petpawjoy Window Perch Cat Hammock is stylish and a functional space for your cat and home.  Customer rating: 4.4

18.  The AmazonBasics Cat Hammockis a elevated cat hammock with dual scratching post pillars.  The hammock is so plush your cat will love taking cat naps in it.  Customer rating:  4.4

19.  Create some privacy by getting the Pet Igloo Hut for your fluffball.  It has sherpa fabric that will keep your cat warm and cozy.  Customer rating:  4.3

20.  Keep your kitty warm during those cold, drafty winter nights by buying a Premium Pet Bed Mat.  Can be placed anywhere including cat perches.  Customer rating:  4.3

21. Hey, is this a piece of cool furniture?  No…wait it’s a Cat Play Cube from Favorites.  Hey, no one got to know but you and your cat that it’s a cat bed.

cool things to buy on amazon under 25

22.  Keep your cat comfortable with a Fluffy Fleece Throw by Furry baby.  Use as a throw for your couch when your cat isn’t using it.  Customer rating: 4.7

23.  Your cat will love playing hide and go seek with the Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel.  And it’s collapsible so you can get rid of it when the guest comes over for the holidays.  Customer rating: 4.8

24.  This Kitty Cat Tunnel is so adorable and your cat will love hiding away in this collapsible cat tunnel by Easyology – purchase the attachment along with it and create a 3-way Play Cat Tube.  Customer rating:  4.3


Best Cat Products on Amazon for your under $25


What should I buy on Amazon for my cat?  Amazon has awesome things to buy online for under $25.  You don’t have to go broke buying those cool cat products!

25.  I wrote a post earlier this year about traveling cross country in a car with cats in which I discuss the cat carrier I used in that journey.  I haven’t had the pleasure of traveling cross country by plane with my cats but if I did I might go with the IrisPets Pet Airline Travel Carrier.  It has a customer rating of  4.6 stars out of 5 and will fit under standard airline seats.

26.  Amazon carries an amazing selection of cat litter boxes.  One of the best things on Amazon under 25 dollars is the Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan.   I have bought 2 of these cat litter boxes and they have been one of my best Amazon purchases.  This cat litter box has high sides and is soooo roomy.  It gets a customer rating of 4.1 stars but I would give it 5.

27.  I’m obssessed with cat beds.  Amazon has a number of cute ones that can be used to keep your cat warm on those cold winter nights.  Check out this self-warming bed by Aspen.  The round 19.5″ cat bed comes in 3 different assorted colors and is resonably priced for under $15.  Amazon also offers the Warming Cat Beds by Aspen in other sizes and shapes for a higher price – click on the image below for more information.

28.  My cats’ litter box (the Catit Cat Litter Pan)sits on top of the Gorilla Grip Original Durable Cat Litter Mat in jumbo size.  My issue with stray cat litter all over my apartment has drastically decreased due to this cat litter mat.  It is an Amazon bestseller and the Cat Mama recommends it.  And it comes in 7 cool colors.

29.  The Pet Cave by Best Pet Supplies gets a 4.4 out of 5 stars from Amazon customers.  I like how you can choose from either corduroy, suede or linen to match your apartment’s decor.

30.  A cat collar is just one of those things for cats that is important.  However, it doesn’t have to be ugly. Dress up your kitty with a fashionable cat collar.  The 2 Pack Breakaway Collar with Bell by Ofpuppy is adjustable up to 10.2″ and will fit most cats and (puppies too).

Best Gifts on Amazon for the Cat Lover


Cat stuff for cat lovers!  You can actually find the best gifts on Amazon for that special cat lover in your life.  Amazon offers so many cool things online to buy that are practical, fun and just plain weird.  Click here for more $25 gift ideas to buy on Amazon for cat lovers.

Here are the best gifts for under $25, for the cat lady, the cat person, and all those catfolks in between.

31.  For the coffee cat lover with an attitude –

32.  For the cat lover who must have their wine –

How’s this for cute?  A wine bottle stopper shaped like a cat.

33.  Cat butt magnets for the refrigerator!

34.  For the serious tea lover who is into cats. A cute cat tea infuser!

35.  Are you a cat lover who loves to color? Why not use your mad crayon skills on Cute Cats Farting Coloring Book?

Honorable mention

I decided to add a new category for cat products that didn’t make my 35 cool things to buy on Amazon under 25 dollars list. (I found these particular cat products to be interesting and worthy of at least mentioning.   Tune in once in a while because I will be updating this list.

Petronics Interactive Robot Cat Toys

For those of us who love to spoil our cats, I found this interesting interactive remote control cat toy in the robot cat toys category on Amazon.  It looks like the company needs to work out some of the bugs but I would keep my eye out on this particular cat toy.  As stated before, it didn’t make my cool Amazon gadgets under 25 but it gets an honorable mention for innovativeness.  Once this robot cat toy has been updated it will be one of the best interactive toys and a cool addition to add to your cat’s toy collection.

Friends Forever Interactive Cat Laser Toy

This laser cat toy just bearly met the price criteria I’d set for this article.  I was reluctant to add it to 35 Cool Things to Buy on Amazon under 25 dollars for cats because I was worried about fluctuations in price.  However, I felt it was worth mentioning because I was impressed with how innovative the Friends Forever Interactive Cat Laser Toy was.  This is a great Amazon buy for the cat owner who doesn’t have time to play with their cat and one of the best electronic cat toys on Amazon.

Self-Warming Cat Bed by Best Friends

I’m obsessed with cat beds.  Amazon offers a cat bed for the cat that need some extra special loving for its joints.  The cat bed by Best Friends has a ortho cushion that your cat will love.  It comes in standard and jumbo size.


Show your cat (or that special cat lover) some extra love by buying them something really nice. Hopefully, you were able to find some cool things to buy your cat.

Before you went shopping for your fluffball, I wanted to arm you with the tools needed for a successful mission …a guide for shopping online for cool things to buy on Amazon under 25 dollars for cats.

You can find a lot of useful things to buy on Amazon for your cat and save money.  If you don’t know about Amazon Prime or have the misfortune of not being a member, let me school you on the benefits:

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Membership has its privileges.


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