Midwest Curious Cat Cube – Cat Furniture Review

Posted: September 25, 2017 by Anita

Cat cube

I’m trying out new cat furniture. I haven’t been very successful at keeping Clara off the table and Shrek off the sofa (I mean I would like to eventually buy a new sofa).  So I decided to check out the Midwest Curious Cat Cube.  Since it looks like human furniture I was hoping that Clara and Shrek would be drawn to it.

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The Midwest Curious Cat Cube measures 15.5W x 15.5L x 16.5H, making it perfect for small cats or dogs.  My Shrek has a bad hip so it just the perfect jumping height for him. It’s very sturdy.  However, I would think twice about allowing a large cat or dog, weighing 25 pounds or more to lounge around on it. Although, it really is very, very sturdy.

Cat Cube
Shrek sitting sphinx-like on the Cat Cube

Shrek wasn’t buying it at first.  However, after about a month or so, I started noticing him perching sphinx-like on the cat cube.  It has now become his favorite spot, He is starting to relinquish his spot on my couch.

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Cat cube
Clara enjoying the cat cube

Clara started perching on the new cat cube within a couple of days of receiving our new cat furniture.  The cat cube has become one of many perching places for Clara.   However, she’s not given up her spot on the table. It’s just not going to happen.

Cat cube
Still can’t keep Clara off the table but she loves the cat cube


Assembly of the faux-suede, new cat condo was super easy.  No instruction was included but trust me you won’t need it.  It came in 3 pieces.  I simply unfolded the main cube base, placed the fleeced cushion on the bottom of the base and position the cushioned top on the main cube base.  The whole process took about 5 minutes.

Cat cube

Since Clara refuses to relinquish the table, I’ve decided to give in to her need to be close to me while I’m typing away on the laptop. We can both share our favorite spot; the table.

I might even surprise her by placing a heated cat bed on the table for her.  Chicago winters can be quite chilly.

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