Cat Adoption: Getting A Cat For The First Time

Cat Adoption

It is essential to make an informed decision about becoming a cat parent.  I have to be real with you.  I’m very bias. Cats are awesomely amazing companions.  Owning a cat for the first time is going to be unique for you and that special cat you decide to take into your home.

Here are some common misconceptions about being a cat parent:

  • They don’t require a lot of interaction, like dogs.
  • They don’t mess up your furniture.
  • You don’t have to exercise cats.
  • Cats don’t require much care.
  • The yearly cost to have a cat is cheaper than having a dog.  However, the cost of cat ownership is not cheap.

This page is to help give you the tools needed to make your decision to become a cat parent a long-term successful relationship between you and your cat.

Are you a first-time cat owner?  Start with the following articles:


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What are the benefits of adopting a cat?

There are many great reasons why having a cat is beneficial to you.

1.  There’s scientific proof that having a cat is right for your health.

Having a cat can helps your heart and lowers your blood pressure.  It can decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease by 30 percent.

2.  There are healing powers in a cat’s purr

A cat’s purr creates vibrations at a frequency of 20-140 HZ.  Studies have shown those kinds of vibrations can heal bones, tendons, and muscles after an injury.

3.  Do you have problems sleeping?

The Mayo Clinic for Sleep Medicine confirmed in a recent study that 41 percent of the people in their sleep studies reported sleeping better because of their cat.

4.  Having a cat reduces stress and anxiety

Having a cat around releases calming chemicals in your bloodstream which will help you de-stress and lower your anxiety.

5.  Petting your cat will make you happy (and your cat will love it too).

Petting your cat is a great coping mechanism.  And who doesn’t need a suitable coping mechanism that doesn’t involve drugs (haha)?

6.  Having a cat will help you feel less isolated

Many of us are choosing to stay at home for our safety and the safety of others.  Having a cat during this time will help you feel less lonely.  Cats are great listeners.  And they are great companions.

Cats are great companions

Cats are intuitive.  They are sensitive to our moods and know when we need a nuzzle from them after a shitty day at work.  Cats have this amazing way of bringing down the level of stress in the atmosphere to a chill-out level.  The best therapists in the world are cats.  They are cheap and they don’t charge by the hour.

You will not regret your decision to become a cat parent.  Cherish every moment!