9 Best cat trees for large cats and cat furniture you and your cat will love

Posted: January 16, 2019 by Anita

cat trees for large cats

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Cat furniture over the years has evolved from a wooden eye-sore spectacle taking up space in your living room (or spare room in your house) to a work of art that adds feline ambiance to the cat lover’s home.

Having cat furniture benefits you and your cat.  The advantage of having furniture for cats is that it keeps the cats off of your furniture.  But it also benefits the cat.  Cats love a high perch.  Cats love taking stock of their territory by getting up high.  It’s in their DNA.

But what if you have a large cat?  Where can you find the best cat furniture for large cats? In this article, I reveal:

  • the best deals on cat trees for large cats, the nine best cat trees for large cats, AND unique cat furniture options that you and your cat will love.
  • the importance of picking quality cat furniture for your cat

cat trees for large cats

The best deals on cat trees for large cats

Amazon is my go-to for purchasing cat furniture online.  Over the years, I’ve gotten several great cat trees and accessories from Amazon.  The key to making a good purchase from Amazon is to analyze the customer’s ratings before buying anything.

Amazon offers for sale many cat trees for large breeds and is an excellent source to start your search.   To help you make the best choice, I’ve come up with several options for the best cat tree for big cats for you to look at.

These cat trees have good ratings and are priced competitively compared to other online cat product stores.  If you are a Prime Member of Amazon, the cost for shipping is amazing (some cat trees are eligible for free 2-day prime shipping).

9 Best Cat Trees for Large Cats

I recommend not wasting your money on cheap cat trees. For large cats, it is very important that the cat trees are made of quality material and are well built.

  • Songmics 58″ Cat Tree Playhouse is very sturdy with a contemporary style that will compliment your living space.  The best cat tree for multiple cats.  Comes in light gray.  For more information on this product, click here.
  • Molly and Friends cat trees are sturdy cat trees especially made for large cats.  And they don’t disappoint with the Simple Sleeper Cat Tree.  It has a large bed, a cat perch for your large cat to nap on and is the most durable cat tree.  Simple Sleeper Cat Tree is made of durable material, high-quality carpet and solid construction.  Comes in beige and sold by Chewy.com.  Click here for more information.


  • The 56″ Multi-level Cat Tree with Scratching Post by Songmics. This cat tree with cat hammock and very plush perches comes in Smokey Gray and Light Grey (slightly more in cost).  It is also the best cat tree for multiple cat households.  Click here for more information.

cat trees for large cats

Best Cat Tower for Large Cats 

  •  The Bewishome Cat Play Tower with Scratching Post and Hammock has a well-balanced design and sturdy construction.  The cat tower is composed of a good quality plush material that your cats will love.
  • I absolutely love the cat climbing tower by New Cat Condos!  The Large Cat Tower with 4 spacious perches is sturdy and made with quality plush household grade carpet.  Perfect for the multiple cat household.
  • The Midwest Homes Cat Climbing Tower is a 5 tier activity kitty retreat featuring a lounging perch, resting benches and a cubby hole.  The Midwest Climbing Tower also features resilent scratching post wrapped in sisal for your cat’s scratching needs.  This cat tree tower is ultra-sturdy and stands 50″ high.


  • Check out this beauty from Tuft + Paw.  The Milo Cat Tower is perfect for the multiple cat household that has large cats.  The Milo has numerous perches, a crystal hammock, and scratching posts.  This cat tower is going to look good in your living space, and your cat is going to love you!  It is super sturdy and stands at 62″ high.


Read my article, “Should You Consider High-End Cat Furniture for your space? Absolutely!”



Best Cat Condo for Large Cats

Shop for the perfect cat tree condo for your large cat on Amazon.  As the name implies, a kitty condo should offer your cat the opportunity to lounge (like all cats love to do) and provide enough height so that your cat can enjoy surveying their territory.

  • New Cat Condos has a Cat Condos Premier for sale on Amazon.  It comes fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box! Click here for more information.
  • The budget-friendly Go Pet Club F3019 23″ Cat Condo is perfect for the large cat who wants to lounge but doesn’t want to (or can’t) climb high.  For more information, click here.

Best Cat Scratching Post for Large Cats

Satisfy your cat’s urge to scratch and claw by investing in a cat scratching post.  Or invest in a cat scratch tree or cat scratch tower that addresses 2 needs for your cat; climbing and scratching.  The following recommendation is for a cat post that is solely for your cat’s natural impulse to scratch.   A scratching post will keep your cat from using your furniture as a scratching post.


cat trees for large cats

  • AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post is a single pillar scratching post with a replaceable dangle toy. Its neutral color tone will blend in well with your home’s decor.  This scratching post is perfect for that cat who loves to stretch along with clawing.  This AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post is 35 inches high, making it perfect for the cat who loves to stretch along with clawing.

Modern Cat Furniture for the Large Cat

What if you can’t fit a cat tree anywhere? There’s just no space for a cat tree.  Or you’re the creative type and you want your space and your cat’s space to have a modern vibe.  Or both reasons work for you. I mean let’s face it.  Cat furniture can be an eyesore.  Never fear!  There are a lot of cute cat furniture alternatives and modern cat trees for large cats solutions that would make perfect additions to your living space.

cat trees for large cats

  • The Kitty Cot World’s Best Cat Perch from Amazon is a great alternative for those of us who don’t have a lot of space.  I purchased one for my cats and they love it for 2 reasons: (1) Their nosy behinds get to look out my windows and (2) it still allows them to perch high enough to survey the world.


  • The cute wall perch by Urban Pet Haus is modern. It’s cute and could be mistaken for art if your cat isn’t lounging.  Check Amazon price by clicking here.


  • The Vesper Cat Tree is an elegant and yet practical cat tree that will satisfy your cat’s instinctual needs and the creative aesthetic needs of the cat lover.  Click here for more information.
  • Get your big furball a huge comfy Cat Bed by Best Friends.  It comes in multiple color, covered in sherpa and is waterproof.

Cozy, warm and comfortable!  Your cat will love it! And it’s stylish enough to blend well with your furniture.  Perfect for cats up to 35 pounds.  The sides of the cat bed are high enveloping your cat in warmth and comfort.

Your cat is going to love this multi-level cat tree and you will love it too!  It has fully carpeted shelves and folds flat for compact storage. The perfect balance between modern art and feline functionality.

Oh my goodness, the Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower will be a cool conversation piece for visitor of your home. But what’s more important is that this cat tower is beautiful and sturdy enough for a large cat.  Click here for more information.

Have you checked out Etsy, lately?

I was on Etsy looking for scented candles and just for the heck of it, I did a search for cat furniture. (If you haven’t heard of Etsy.com you have been missing out – click here for their about page).  Eureka!  I found the cutest Cat Solarium! It can be mounted in a window; giving the cat the best of both worlds.  Perfect for the cat living in the urban jungle.

And if you’re into cat beds (like I am), you’re going to love this stylish one from “The Trilling Cat” on Etsy. It’s beautiful enough to blend into any fashionable setting in your home.


What to look for when shopping for cat furniture for large cats

Furniture for large cats, whether it’s a cat tree, cat tower or cat condo, should have the following features:

  • Sturdy – Every aspect of large cat furniture; each level should be able to handle your cat’s weight without tipping over.  All platforms on the cat trees for big cats and towers should be made of a solid wood foundation and large enough in width and length.
  • High-quality material – make sure the cat tree’s sisal rope, faux fur, and scratching posts can take a beating (and a scratching).
  • Height – a tall cat tree for cats who like looking down on their world.  If your cat is overweight or older, make sure that you find a cat tree that won’t be difficult for them to climb.

Not all cat trees are created equal.  Don’t be taken in by cheap cat trees that are on sale.  Buying a cheap cat tree made with cheap materials will wear out, eventually causing you to have to look for another one or could be a hazard for you, your cat, and your family.

How to Make a Cat Tree

Maybe you want to try your hand at a DIY Cat Tree.  Why not make your homemade cat tree?  The blog “The Spruce Pets”  article “9 DIY Cat Tree Plans You Can Get For Free” will walk you through how to build a cat tree and has cat tree plans for nine different cat tree designs.  Check here for more information.

cat trees for large cats


Cat furniture is an excellent way for your cat to practice hunting behaviors, burn calories, and relieve stress.  A cat needs to be able to climb up high enough to survey their world.  Cat furniture provides a way for your cat to do that.  It provides a place for your cat to feel safe.

Just because your cat is significant doesn’t mean it has to settle for less.  Make your big cat baby happy and get them a cat tree specially made for large cats.

Have you found the best cat tree for your large cat?


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