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how to care for kittens

How To Care For Kittens After Mother Cat Has Given Birth

Has your cat given birth, and you're not sure how to care for kittens? After your cat has given birth, ...
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my cat had kittens

My Cat Just Had Kittens: How To Care For Mother Cat After Having Kittens

After your cat has given birth, she will (most likely) do the mother thing and provide plenty of warmth and ...
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mating season for cats

Mating Season For Cats – What You Need To Know

Cats are efficient breeders. All it takes is a female cat in heat, a willing male cat participant, and BAM, ...
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is my cat in heat

Is My Cat In Heat? What To Do When Your Cat Is In Heat

With a loud howl (in an irritating decibel that sets your teeth on edge), female cats all over the world ...
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how to tell if your cat is pregnant

Is My Cat Pregnant: How To Tell If Your Cat Is Pregnant

Your grown-ass female cat looks like she's picked up some weight. Is my cat pregnant or fat? She might be ...
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cat throwing up food

Why Is My Cat Throwing Up Food After Eating?

One day, I came home from work to find that Theo had thrown up undigested cat food - something that ...
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quality cat food

8 Best Quality Cat Food That Your Cat Will Love To Eat (And Is Healthy)

Finding quality cat food for your fluff ball will be one of the most important things you do as a ...
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fun facts about cats

20 Fun Facts About Cats And Other Amazing Stuff That Is Cool

Let me tell you a fact about a cat. Cats are weird and are known to have crazy idiosyncrasies. But ...
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allergies in cats

Why Does My Cat Keep Sneezing: Dealing With Allergies In Cats

My co-worker has a cat by the name of Max who suffers from allergies seasonally like a human. It gets ...
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best cat tree

10 Best Cat Trees Your Cat Is Going To Love

Amazon is my go-to for purchasing the best cat trees. Over the years, I've gotten several great pieces of cat ...
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Essentials for the First Time Cat Owner

owning a cat for the first time

Owning A Cat 101- What You Need To Know

Theo, my cat is my best friend. We share a townhome and just like me, he has his own bedroom ...
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traveling with cats in car long distance

Traveling with Cats in Car Long Distance – 9 Tips For Success

If you're a travel geek and you've been putting off that cross-country trip along Route 66 because you've recently adopted ...
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Why Do Cats Give Love Bites? What Does it Mean When Your Cat Bites You!

Why do cats give love bites? Is it cat love or a sign of cat aggression? Cat love bites can ...
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vomiting in cats

Vomiting in Cats: When to Worry – Cat Mama

The cat's throwing up, and you're not sure why? That is a concern that cat parents face every day. And ...
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best cat litter box

3 Best Cat Litter Box Perfect For The Small Apartment

Living with a cat in a small apartment can be challenging. Two of the most challenging aspects of apartment dwelling ...
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overweight cat

How to Help your Overweight Cat Lose Weight – First Time Cat Owner

Introduction So you just came back from a visit to the Veterinarian where you were told that not only is your ...
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living with cats

Living with Cats: 7 Things You Need To Know – The Cat Mama

I'm now living with cats in my apartment.  (Read about my moving with cats by clicking here).   My roommates Shrek, ...
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should i adopt a cat

Why Should I Adopt A Cat: Providing A Home To A Rescue Cat

According to the ASPCA, 3.2 million cats end up in shelters every year.  And according to the Humane Society of ...
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