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best cat tree

10 Best Cat Trees Your Cat Is Going To Love

Amazon is my go-to for purchasing the best cat trees.  Over the years, I've gotten several great pieces of cat ...
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what to do when you find kittens in your yard

Are They Abandoned? What To Do If You Find Kittens In Your Yard

You've found a bunch of kittens in your yard. And at first glance, you say to yourself, "yuck, they look ...
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best cat bowls

Cat Bowls: 7 Best Cat Bowls I Think Are Great

Man, it's the little things that are important when making sure your cat is happy. Take for instance, cat food ...
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raw cat food

Raw Cat Food: What You Need To Know Before Feeding Your Cat

When I think about raw cat food, it makes me wanna throw up a little bit in my mouth. Actually, ...
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What You Need To Know About Pet Insurance (With Wellness Plan)

Did you know that only 0.7% of pets in the United States are covered by pet insurance? I had to ...
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what can kittens eat

What Can Kittens Eat – A Great Guide To Feeding Baby Kittens

Your first time feeding a baby kitten can be scary and a bit frustrating. Neither you nor the kitten has ...
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Community Cats: What You Need To Know About Your Cat Population

All of us have had an encounter or at least seen street cats in our neighborhood. In some communities, these ...
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best flea treatment for cats

5 Best Flea Treatment For Cats That Will Work

Fleas are pesky little bugs that can be irritating to a cat parent. Fleas are also irritating to cats. Fleas ...
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best cat beds

9 Best Cat Beds For That Special Cat In Your Life

Okay, so I'm obsessed with cute cat beds. And I think that anyone with a cat should have at least ...
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abyssinian cat

Abyssinian Cat: What You Need To Know About This Breed

Ancient rumor has it that Abyssinian cats walked amongst Egyptian Kings and who knows maybe Cleopatra had it as one ...
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Essentials for the First Time Cat Owner

owning a cat for the first time

Thinking Of Owning A Cat? What You Need To Know

Theo, my cat is my best friend. We share a townhome and just like me, he has his own bedroom ...
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Why Do Cats Give Love Bites? What Does it Mean When Your Cat Bites You!

Why do cats give love bites? Is it cat love or a sign of cat aggression? Cat love bites can ...
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vomiting in cats

Vomiting in Cats: When to Worry – Cat Mama

The cat's throwing up, and you're not sure why? That is a concern that cat parents face every day. And ...
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best cat litter box

3 Best Cat Litter Box Perfect For The Small Apartment

Living with a cat in a small apartment can be challenging. Two of the most challenging aspects of apartment dwelling ...
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traveling with cats in car long distance

Traveling with Cats in Car Long Distance – The Cat Mama

If you're a travel geek and you've been putting off that cross-country trip along Route 66 because you've recently adopted ...
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overweight cat

How to Help your Overweight Cat Lose Weight – First Time Cat Owner

Introduction So you just came back from a visit to the Veterinarian where you were told that not only is your ...
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living with cats

Living with Cats: 7 Things You Need To Know – The Cat Mama

I'm now living with cats in my apartment.  (Read about my moving with cats by clicking here).   My roommates Shrek, ...
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should i adopt a cat

Why Should I Adopt A Cat: Providing A Home To A Rescue Cat

According to the ASPCA, 3.2 million cats end up in shelters every year.  And according to the Humane Society of ...
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