overweight cat

How to Help your Overweight Cat Lose Weight – First Time Cat Owner

Introduction So you just came back from a visit to the Veterinarian where you were told that not only is your ...
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cat trees for large cats

Guide to Buying the Best Cat Trees for Large Cats – The Cat Mama

Find the best prices here! Finding the best cat furniture for large cats can be difficult.  A simple cat tree built ...
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cool things to buy on amazon under 25

35 Cool Things to Buy on Amazon under $25 for Cats (and Cat Lovers)

Looking for a cute gift for that special cat lover in your life? Click here.  Who doesn't like shopping for ...
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best litter box for multiple cats

The Best Litter Box for Multiple Cats That Will Make Your Life Easier

The best litter box for multiple cats is the litter box(s) that meets your cats' toilets needs.  It also helps ...
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Photo by Elias Barbouch on Unsplash

Vomiting in Cats: When to Worry – Cat Mama

My cat keeps throwing up.  That is a concern that cat parents face every day.  And who hasn't accidentally stepped ...
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cat window perch suction cups

Best Cat Window Perch: Kitty Cot Window Perch for Cats

In my last post, I talked about choosing cat furniture for my cats.  The idea was by creating space for ...
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cat furniture

The Cat Mama Need to Buy the Best Cat Furniture for her Small Apartment

I'm in the market for some stylish cat furniture.  Clara is climbing on my cheap TV stand and I live ...
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living with cats

Living with Cats – The Cat Mama

I'm now living with cats in my apartment.  (Read about my moving with cats by clicking here).   My roommates Shrek, ...
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World’s Best Cat Litter to Buy for Odor Control and Other Mess – The Cat Mama

I'm dedicating this post to Clara and Shrek.  They put up with me constantly changing and re-arranging their cat environment...all in ...
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best cat litter box

Finding the Best Cat Litter Box for my Small Apartment

I never realized how important picking out a cat litter box was until I moved into my small, quaint but ...
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